Tungsol (Tung-Sol) EL34 B

Tungsol (Tung-Sol) EL34 B
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Model:  SKU14-1
Part Number:  EL34B
Brand:  Tungsol

About The Valve 

The Tung sol EL34 B is a higher impedance design with increased touch responsiveness and a unique clipping characteristic with a hint of the 6L6 sound.

Platinum Matched & Tested

We burn-in these valves for a minimum of 30-40 hours before matching. The reason we do this is to get rid of any faulty or weak valves and as a pre-grading process to allow the plate/grid mechanism to relax into it's rest position. Tiny differences in construction make for enormous differences in electrical characteristics, and thus if a tube is graded after it's been burned in then the measured characteristics hold true over its lifespan to a greater extent. This seems simple but it's amazing how many vendors ignore it. It's the reason so many people complain about poorly graded valves.

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