Sovtek EL84 (6BQ5)

Sovtek EL84 (6BQ5)
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Model:  SKU150-1
Part Number:  EL84
Brand:  Sovtek

What Sovtek say about their valve - The Sovtek EL84 series produce an unbeatable smooth, warm, distortion. Excellent replacements in vintage VOX AC-30's and the like, our EL84's are used by Fender, Crate, and Peavey. Sovtek tubes are quite simply the absolute best. We design and manufacture our tubes, engineered for demanding high fidelity, reliability and overall warmth. Be sure to insist on genuine Sovtek vacuum tubes the next time you retube -- you'll be getting the absolute best possible tubes for any demanding application.

These are premium tested & matched with state of the art digital & analogue measuring equipment for 

  • Current (ma)
  • Transconductance (gm)
  • Emission Quality
  • Grid Leakage
  • Shorts
  • Test results are provided with purchase

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