JJ ECC83 MG (12AX7)

JJ ECC83 MG (12AX7)
JJ ECC83 MG (12AX7)JJ ECC83 MG (12AX7)JJ ECC83 MG (12AX7)
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Model:  SKU92-1
Part Number:  ECC83MG
Brand:  JJ

The JJ ECC83 MG is a new valve from JJ (released December 2013) which has a different plate design than found in the JJ ECC83s. They have medium size plates and are well balanced and more linear with little less gain than the JJ ECC83's. They are designed to give more clean headroom for guitar and are also suitable for hi-fi installation.

Premium tested on specialised digital and analogue testing equipment by Karltone as follows

  • Gain (A)
  • Transconductance (gm)
  • Noise (dbv)
  • Microphonics
  • Emission Quality
  • Grid Leakage
  • Shorts

Test results are provided with purchase