Electro Harmonix EL84

Electro Harmonix EL84
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Model:  SKU18-1
Part Number:  EL84
Brand:  Electro Harmonix

About The Valve 

Electro Harmonix says this about their tube, "the EL84EH tube faithfully recreates the classic Mullard design. Tri-lam plate material and selected screen wire increase thermal dissipation. The EL84-EH tube is a remarkable reproduction of a vintage tube that is capable of maintaining its sweet and musical tone under any voltage conditions."

Note: These tubes have a slightly larger diameter than other EL84 tubes so they can not be installed into some Marshall DSL201 or DSL401 amplifiers, some reissue Vox AC15 amps, and Bad Cat amps.

These are premium tested & matched with state of the art digital & analogue measuring equipment for 

  • Current (ma)
  • Transconductance (gm)
  • Emission Quality
  • Grid Leakage
  • Shorts
Test results are provided with purchase