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The JJ 6L6GC is a high quality 6L6 valve for both guitar and hi-fi amplifiers. It is open and articulate and has a great tone with sparkling highs, warm mids, and controlled bass response.

Platinum Matched & Tested

All our power-amp valves are burned in under load on our burn-in racks for at least 24 hours. The filaments are powered and voltage is also applied to the plate to simulate real use. The reason we do this is get rid of any faulty or weak valves and as a pre-grading process to allow the plate/grid mechanism to relax into it's rest position. Tiny differences in construction make for enormous differences in electrical characteristics, and thus if a valve is graded after it's been burned in then the measured characteristics hold true over its lifespan to a greater extent.

This seems simple but it's amazing how many vendors ignore it. It's the reason so many people complain about poorly graded valves.

The Power amp valves are Platinum Matched & Tested with state of the art digital & analogue measuring equipment for

  • Current (ma)
  • Transconductance (gm)
  • Emission Quality
  • Grid Leakage
  • Shorts

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Paul Tordoff-Bourne, Lincs-5 Stars

Hi all, ive dealt with karl before on ebay and the first time i ordered i was astonished at recieving my vacuum tube by 9.30 the next morning, i thought HUH?

Yesterday at 4pm, and after speaking to Karl for his advice i ordered 3 12ax7 pre-amp tubes for my peavey valveking combo (that i just converted to a head) and he advised that i go for JJ`s but to put a long plate valve in position one (nearest the jack), just got home, replaced the tubes and i cant believe the difference its made, it just sounds awesome, so much crisper and much less noise when plugged in, very much like the peavey 5150 MK1 head i tried a while back.

I got the valves at 10am this morning, fabulous service.

In the next few days i will be ordering a quad set of JJ 6L6GC`s for the power amp. Moral of the story? You need new tubes? speak to Karl, he`s the man...Paul

Paul Tordoff-Bourne, Lincs-5 Stars

well guess? i just couldnt wait to get these JJ 6L6GC`s so i just went ahead and ordered a matched quad set yesterday at 4pm, got them at 9.30am this morning, this guy never fails to impress me...

So i got home this afternoon after work and whipped out the 4 old standard 6L6`s that come with the peavey valveking, although i thought they sounded ok i wondered if newer ones would sound better?

One of the old 6L6`s broke at the base as i was `circling` it out so this obviously made me think "hmmm thats not right". I slapped in the new ones, left them to wamr up for 10 mins and immediately noticed a massive difference with the clean tone, SOOOOO much crisper & clearer i cant tell you, its like i have a new amp.

Although the 6L6GC`s only made a barely noticeable difference to the distortion tone itself as thats mostly down to the pre-amp valves, signal clarity was greatly improved and so was the ability to get richer & tighter van halen style pinched harmonics.

All in all it cost me £95 to completely re-tube my 100W valveking, now its gone from what i thought was a headbanging heartstopping beast of a head, to head exploding ear bleeding heart failing window smashing bitch of a head.

thanks so much for all your help and advice Karl and the amazing swift delivery service.. all the best..